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I’m Joanna. Blogger. Nurse. Boy and dog mom. Lover of all things DIY, furniture, and interior design. Hoping to bring you into a world full of inspiration as I find myself inspired by you all.

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How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

One of the things I see often when clients ask me to help them design and style their home is the wrong way the curtains are hung. I gotta be honest, I use to hang curtains wrong too! I remember…

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Our Budget Friendly DIY Basement Makeover

I like to call this makeover our 2020 lockdown project. Back in 2020 when everything was pretty much shut down. We thought it’d be a great time to start a project and create an extra space for all of us…

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How To Stain Butcher Block Countertops

When we remodeled this unit in our rental property, we wanted to add more counter space and cabinets. The countertop that was already there was still in pretty good condition and we were going to keep it. I couldn’t find…

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Easy DIY Valentine Wreath

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this DIY Valentine wreath is super easy to do and will fill your front door with lots of love. Here’s how I created this beautiful inexpensive wreath using just a few supplies, faux flowers,…

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